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 Betreff des Beitrags: Winter Open BIM Academy 1-6.03.2020, Jasna Chopok (Slovakia)
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BIM POINT, in partnership with GRAPHISOFT, is organizing the Winter Open BIM Academy (WOBA) in 2020, too.

It will take place 1-6.03.2020 in Slovakia (Chopok Jasna, hotel Mikulaska chata ***).
WOBA is all about learning, networking and skiing. It’s dedicated to architects, designers and engineers passionate about BIM.
As organizers, we promote technological neutrality, open standards and, more generally, OpenBIM mindset.
The first, successful 2019 edition in Tarvisio (Italy) proved a real need for such interdisciplinary BIM events and energized us to carry on.

The registration is on, the early bird rates range from 629-699€ valid until 31st of January.

The event webpage is available here: https://winter.openbimacademy.com
facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/571990483367642/

The detailed programme is on its way and will be announced by the end of this week. This year’s leitmotiv is collaboration.

So far, we’ve confirmed the following workshops (we’re updating our website regularly):
  • BIM classifications (1,5h)
  • BIM information requirements (1,5h)
  • BIMTool as standalone point cloud solution
  • Iceberg the BIM (1,5h)
  • Push the mesh (1,5h)
  • ISO 19650 (3h)
  • GRAPHISOFT - Reserach Project (1,5h)
  • Python scripting possibilities in ARCHICAD (1,5h)
  • BIM standards in ARCHICAD (1,5h)

We’re waiting for the final confirmation of:

  • Agile leadership
  • GDL scripting
  • Solibri for project quality assurance
  • Bimsync + VR
  • Grashopper / Rhino + ARCHICAD
  • dRofus workflow + ARCHICAD
  • Leica BLK2go presentation

The agenda is already set up and available on the website.

For any questions please contact:
+48 532 677 615


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